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- First of all, we have to get you into our Registered System, where we work 17 hours of the day providing you with Entries & Exits into the market using our £750 Million Valued Process. (we recommend the full package)

- Do not worry if you have no experience! You’ll receive a video tutorial to help you navigate our services to the best potential to get the same experience as other trusting members.


Account Registration

Broker Registration

- Take the next step in your journey by registering with our trusted Partner Broker; Blueberry Markets (recommended for the benefits such as 35% Deposit Bonus.

- You will then Login to your Broker Registered Account via the App ‘MetaTrader 4/5 where you will enter trades easily following our notifications.


Expert Trading, Straight Away

Follow Along

- No pressure. Keep notifications on. You don’t need to learn anything about the markets or trading as this is what you’re here for, a comfortable, trusted journey by our long term profitable intraday investor, and we provide multiple Real Account Metrics to prove this, not just pictures.

- We’ll let you know when to enter and when to exit a market execution precisely with enough time in advance to prepare by a minimum of 5 Minutes & always get you of the market by the end of the day, as well as train you on risk management via a members only detailed video.

- A real proven income, straight from your phone without the stress! Although we cannot guarantee market conditions to always go our way, our current intraday approach is tested by years & proven to keep you extremely profitable over the long term, with expected returns higher than any other investment industry… this is what makes our services out of this world (learn more about our approach).


Withdrawing Profits

You can withdraw your profits whenever, & can use it for your own purposes, Tax Free & Legal (United Kingdom - Spread Betting Regulation).

Profits may even be from your first day and the process is as simple as it gets, No paperwork, no hassle & we don’t have any access to your account, so you’re safe.



I have over 5 years of experience within the live markets. At first I began, completely unaware of how it all works; in my experience it takes a few years of this live practice to become profitable, described even for the following reasons:

- Market conditions are constantly shifting, this means that you may start trading for many months where it isn’t working (but other months the same way of trading would, and this could be difficult to accept and overcome, it also take a long term of practice to) and, the only real way i’ve found to profit from such a scenario, while also staying profitable over the long term, is by constantly repetitively testing and implementing the best solutions. I provide this solution to all my members without the work that’s been required, while also keeping all the work done for them.

- Strategies: i use a strategy that I have developed myself over many years and is available for £750 Million. Often we find ourselves on YouTube for answers, I myself even paid for multiple courses and researched extremely, what we provide here is, out of this world.

I took time practicing, learning day and night endlessly to achieve results, also earning a Global Award as the 2023 - Uk #1 Gold Trading Contestant. I’m also glad that our Services have proven time and time again to be effective by the way we work.

I have trained in various ways, for one instance emotion managing, spending cold nights alone in forests, years of meditating have also been a part of my journey as well as; from a young age i trained in traditional karate for half my life which adapted me to energy channelling.

Registered Partner of Blueberry Markets

Blueberry Markets is One of the Largest Brokers in the World. Providing Exceptional Market Conditions.

Our Partnership includes Unique Benefits to all Members of Et Investments:

- Including a 35% Margin Bonus accredited on your First Deposit, to trade with, Up to $2,000

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